Now you can name a satellite. The European Space Agency (ESA) satellite to detect dangerous solar storms

The European Space Agency (ESA) wants to help the public name a satellite that will soon be launched into space.

This is the satellite currently known as “Lagrange”. In the future, the satellite will be located in a fixed position between the Sun and the Earth, giving it the opportunity to observe the Sun from the “side”. Once it is in place, the idea is that the satellite will be able to detect solar storms that could be dangerous or disrupt things here on Earth. The ESA writes on its website:

“Mission data will be used to make timely warnings available to national authorities, industries and organizations that adopt or look after the modern technology systems we all depend on and are at risk of sunburn.
This mission will make us safer and help protect critical civilian infrastructure – such as power grids, navigation satellites, and telecommunications – but we don’t have a proper name for it (yet)! “

You can submit suggestions for the names of ESA’s solar weather assignments until 17 October and you will find the application at the link below. In addition to the honor of naming the satellite, the winner will also be rewarded with a gift card in the ESA online store. When the satellite will go into space, a date has not yet been set.

In the video below, you can watch a clip about space weather and how it can affect things here on Earth.

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