Now Basquire is releasing the song “The Fall”!

Listen: click here…

The new single “The Fall” is an original composition by the Bondesson sisters recorded in Sweden, unlike the previous group’s albums, which were produced and recorded in the US and Germany. The song actually began in 2013, the year before moving to the United States, but it was only completed this year, during the coronavirus crisis.

The lyrics touch on the theme of personal breakdown and “downfall” and the music moves into a soundtrack somewhere between Mumford & Sons, Smith & Thell, and The Lumineers, but of course it is heavily influenced by the unique sound that Basquiri has become famous for over the years.

The Bondson sisters in Pasquery are currently in quarantine in three different countries. He is unable to meet but is hoping he can reunite with him soon and take over the place where everything suddenly stopped this spring. “The Fall” will be on the band’s fifth album, which was scheduled to be recorded in England in early May, but due to the current situation has been postponed indefinitely.

Previous releases were hand-picked by Spotify for their playlists selected from the popular genre (Fresh Folk and Wild + Free), accompanied by artists such as Nathaniel Rateliff, First Aid Kit, Foals, The Revivalists, Brandi Carlile, and Jade Bird.

One release, Baskery “The Fall” on June 12, 2020.

Mother Tarantula

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