Norwegian Road Champions return in “Ice Road Rescue” for an exciting new season

International viewing success is back with the Norwegian Road Champions with new rescue missions in bad weather and challenging driving conditions. Season 5 of “Ice Road Rescue” premieres on October 8 at 9 PM on National Geographic.

During the winter, many Norwegian roads turn into icy, capricious and sometimes life-threatening places. In the new season, we continue to follow Thord Paulsen, Bjørn Lægreid, Jo Roger and Ole Henrik Blengsli auto rescuers who keep roads open under harsh conditions and long nights. “Ice Road Rescue” is National Geographic’s first Norwegian documentary series, produced by ITV Studios Norway for an international audience.

In the new season, our road heroes must embark on many risky rescue missions. 23 of them are large truck accidents, 15 of which are recorded abroad.

Increased risk of accidents with foreign trucks
The harsh conditions surprise many who do not know Norwegian winter roads. Poor, worn tires and less use of snow chains are often the cause of truck crashes.

Foreign heavy trucks are three times more likely to be involved in individual accidents than Norwegian heavy trucks, according to a 2016 study by the Norwegian Transport Economics Institute (TØI). In 2019, TØI indicated the report was still relevant.

  • Authorities tightened winter tire requirements last year and introduced the possibility of stopping trucks at the border if their tires are too bad, says Björn Legrid.

The harsh winter conditions are a surprise
Accidents can often be what prevents crashes and serious injuries. The location of the vehicle after an accident can also create dangerous situations for traffic passing through the accident site. Therefore, many rescue operations are risky.

  • This year’s season there are several examples of an accident that often sets off a chain reaction to dangerous events, says producer Anders Askeland at ITV Studios Norway. Trucks often pass at the scene of an accident at high speed, queues are dangerously overtaken by road users, rescuers have trouble overtaking them, and snow plows get stuck at the site of the accident, so the roads remain unsalted and icy, he explains.
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Loved by people
During Season Five, there are also changes on the personal level. Joe Roger’s son, Ole Henrik, 23, must take responsibility for the rescue service, as Joe Roger has an accident. Thord and Bjorn’s friendship is put to the test when they enter into a new collaboration.

Brave heroes are famous all over the world, even outside the Nordic countries. The series is shown on TV screens in 74 countries in 30 languages.


  • Premiere: Thursday, October 8 at 9 pm, on National Geographic
  • Episode: 8 x 60 minutes + 4 special episodes
  • The documentary series is shown on TV in 74 countries, in 30 languages
  • More than 20 million viewers from across Europe followed Road Champions in “Ice Road Rescue” last year
  • “Ice Road Rescue” is the first National Geographic documentary series exclusively from Norway, produced by ITV Studios Norway, for an international audience.

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