North Korea criticizes the United States for “fake diplomacy”

In a series of statements to the Korean Central News Agency, North Korean dignitaries commented on the relationship with the United States – and warned of “bogus diplomacy.”

The comments came when the US government said it wanted to use diplomacy to achieve North Korea’s denuclearization. The country’s president, Joe Biden, also said this week that the United States would use “deterrents.”

According to the White House, the president is open to negotiations with North Korea on denuclearization. The goal is the continuation of complete disarmament throughout the Korean Peninsula.

However, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry says the talk of diplomacy is really about hiding the true intentions of the United States, which it claims is hostile.

“His statement (Joe Biden) clearly reflects his determination to continue the hostile policy of the United States towards North Korea for more than half a century,” said Foreign Ministry Kun Jong-gan in a statement.

2018 relationship dissolved Between North Korea and the West a little bit. US President Donald Trump met dictator Kim Jong Un and signed an agreement on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. But those discussions later collapsed.

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