Nira Tandin’s tweet caused Joe Biden’s first loss

Nira Tandin will be the first nomination loss for the new president. The budget director proposed by Joe Biden on Tuesday evening requested that the nomination be withdrawn.

“Unfortunately, it now seems clear that there is no way forward until confirmed, and I don’t want to be distracted from your other priorities,” Tandin wrote in a letter to Biden accepting her request.

The Democrat will vote no for Nera Tandin

The nomination was withdrawn after it became apparent that Nira Tandin would find it extremely difficult to reach the 50 votes she needed in the Senate. The first sign came with Democrat Joe Mansheen announcing that he would vote “no”. Thus, Toth needed at least one Republican support – but one after another of potential candidates, such as Susan Collins, announced that they intended to vote No. The only possible vote of yes, Lisa Murkowski, did not have time to reveal her plans before the nomination was withdrawn.

Conflicts on the right and left

Niira Tandin’s opposition revolves largely around her aggressive style on social media, as she has been responsible for brutal attacks on progressive Republicans and Democrats.

Among other things, she called the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, “Moscow Mitch” and wrote that vampires have more heart than Senator Ted Cruz. Even left-wing Democrats like Elizabeth Warren had to put up with tough words from her – and Dispute With Bernie Sanders has been a huge crowd, since she worked on the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

During the Senate hearings in February, she apologized for her behavior and after the election she was said to have deleted more than 1,000 tweets because she “regretted the tune” – something that didn’t help.

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