Newspaper publishers reject proposals for new rules to support the media

The Swedish Press, Radio and Television Corporation (MPRT) has it Proposing new rules for distributing media support.

They want the money to go to media that “spread responsible news” and that actors who “mislead about the firm flag” should be denied support.

MPRT writes: “Responsible publishing of news means, among other things, that news media does not contribute to disseminating incorrect or manipulated information, does not encourage crime and refrains from publications that mislead science and established knowledge.”


The proposal is open for consultation until March 12th. But Trade Union Tidningsutgivarna (TU) is already coming out and rejecting the MPRT proposal.

– It is unreasonable that the authority’s decision on the Media Support Board, which cannot be appealed, should be able to prove misleading or incorrect information, says TU CEO Thomas Mattsson.

He takes science journalism as an example and cites current reports on oral health.

Science has different points of view. Some researchers believe that it is important to have a mouthguard in all settings, while other researchers claim the opposite. I find it difficult to imagine how the Swedish Press and Television Authority will be able to evaluate these reports.

Only the risk that an authority will conduct this type of assessment and that they, in turn, could influence the state’s support capacity creates uncertainty which is very unfortunate, says Thomas Matson.

Matson: I mean pervert

If the proposal becomes real, says Thomas Matson, it means a major departure from the prevailing position in Sweden.

We have a censorship ban in the constitution and the principle that the authorities do not like what free and independent media publish. What is suitable for publishing is tried in a self-regulating media ethics system and ultimately in court if there is an alleged violation of the law.

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