News via Facebook again in Australia

Australia’s parliament on Thursday approved a new law that requires IT giants like Google and Facebook to pay local media outlets for content posted on the platforms.

In protest against the upcoming law, Facebook last week banned all news content to and from Australia. But after negotiating with the government, which agreed to some amendments to the legal text, Facebook is now backing down.

Journalism stays alive

Work on developing the new law continued for more than three years. An investigation shows that more than 80 percent of all Internet advertising revenue in Australia goes to Google and Facebook.

There’s been a lot back and forth and it’s clear that neither Google nor Facebook wants this law to exist. Finance Minister Josh Friedenberg told 2GB broadcaster Thursday that it is now so and that means Australian news media will pay for their content and the press will remain alive.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been a heavy voice for IT giants to pay for the news. Since he’s from Australia and has good connections in the capital, Canberra, he’s believed to have contributed to the government’s hard-line stance against Facebook and others.

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