News on Netflix in June 2021

Secure any bad weather in June (you never know) and check out our news feed on Netflix. There is so much we look forward to seeing!

Photo: Dancing Queens / Netflix

Among other things, Helena Bergstrom’s new film “Dancing Queens” will be shown, with her daughter Molly Nutley in the main role. There are also some miserable adventures, such as “Sweet Tooth” and the Brazilian comedy “Carnaval” for those who want a good night!

May 28
Lucifer (new episodes)

May 30
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (säsong 7)

June 1
Black holes: the edge of everything we know (dokumentär)
Married to a Doctor (season 2)
LEGO Ninjago (season 2)
startup (first view)
The Real Housewives of Atlanta (several seasons)

June 2
Carnival (original movie)
The mysterious death of a minor
baby smile
Perfect adventure
I (endless like space)
Don’t play with the stars
My father’s secretary
Sheriff with the Black Star النجم
stopper tree
Wonderful India
Vivere: In the Footsteps of Vittorio De Sica (Documentary)

June 3
Dancing Queens (originalfilm)
Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal movie (anime)
Three meters above the sky (season 2)

June 4
Breaking the Boundaries: The Science of Planet Bohr (dokumentär)
Feel Good (säsong 2)
The Man: A Journey of Discovery Through the Body (Documentary)
Sweet Tooth (season 1)
Sweet and Sour (Original Film)
Trippin’ with Kandasamys (originalfilm)
Xtremo (original movie)

June 5
Beloved Cats (documentary)

June 9
awake (originalfilm)
a pet
terrible snow
Fresh, Crunchy, and Fried (Season 1)
The Jungle of Tragedies (original movie)

June 11
Lupine (season 2)
Skejttjejen (@originalfilm)
The Wish Dragon (original movie)

June 16
Penguin City (season 1)
Silver skates (originalfilm)

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17 17 June
Catla (season 1)

June 18
Elite School (season 4)
Paternity (originalfilm)

June 23
good on paper (originalfilm)
Too hot to handle (säsong 2)
House of Flowers: The Movie (originalfilm)

June 24
The Naked Director (season 2)

June 30
America: The Original Movie

July 1
Young Royals (season 1)

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