News: Massive new protests against Putin’s decision • Today’s decision by the attorney – takes over after Leuven • The setback: Five lawyers leave Trump

Protests in Russia

New anti-Putin protests erupted across Russia on Sunday, and it was reported that more than 400 people had already been arrested, according to the independent website. OVD information.

Entire central Moscow has been closed, including seven metro stations, and in some places, for example in the third largest city, Novosibirsk, today’s rally was larger than last week’s.

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Isabella Lovin ‘successor was elected

Today, the Greens are voting on who will succeed Isabella Lovin.

Everything points to Marta Steneffi – but there are still three other candidates in the fight.

Voting takes place at lunchtime and the election results are presented at 13:30.

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Trump’s lawyers are leaving

But with only one week left, five of Trump’s lawyers are now leaving his defense team.

Late on Saturday evening, local time, there was news that Donald Trump was reconfiguring his legal team ahead of the vote – and that attorneys Butch Power and Deborah Barbier were leaving office.

The reason for the decision is not clear, but sources tell Reuters that the two parties have mutually agreed on the measure. CNN quoted sources as saying that three other lawyers who were part of Trump’s defense team have left: Josh Howard, Johnny Jacir and Greg Harris.

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