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new swedish netflix series

A lot is happening right now in the Scandinavian Netflix section. A few weeks ago they released their first original Norwegian series, RagnarokAnd now there’s a new Swedish series coming soon.

In April of last year, Netflix released its first original series from Sweden, The biggest ever. This year, the streaming giant is taking a big step from school shooting and challenging teenage upbringing to the most adorable romantic drama in love and chaos.

Filming of the new original Swedish series has already begun in Stockholm. The cast includes Ida Engfull, Ren Bryn Brynolfsson, Björn Kellmann, Johannes Bah Konke, Gizem Erdoğan and Bjorn Musten.

love and chaos It was created by acclaimed screenwriter and director Lisa Langseth and produced by FLX, the production company behind The biggest ever.

In the eight-episode series, we meet Sophie (Eda Engful), a career counselor and mother of two. When Sophie is tasked with updating an old publishing house, she meets young IT technician Max (Bjorn Musten), which is the start of an unexpected courtship. Sophie and Max challenge each other, secretly, to do things that question society’s mores. It starts off innocently, but the more daring the game gets, the bigger the consequences.

Lisa Langseth, “Love and Chaos.” (Photo: Netflix)

I hope “Love & Anarchy” turns out to be cheeky, fun and contemporary. The story is a kind of paradox that takes place in and around the two Sofie characters that take their starting point at a time when the man isn’t fully embraced. It’s going to be a fun and challenging journey in class, psyche and body and I’m really looking forward to doing it with Lisa Langseth, FLX and Netflix. Love is one of my great interests and in combination with chaos this would be my dream job.”As Ida Engful says,

love and chaos Written by Lisa Langseth, who has feature films such as tranceAnd the the hotel And the pure In his interesting autobiography. Langseth is also a screenwriter with Alex Hardy (The biggest everAnd the real people) and outputs all eight episodes. The series is produced by FLX and the team behind it The biggest everFatima Farhus and Frida Asp with Executive Producers Pontus Edgren (The Muammar who went out the window and disappeared, Solsidan) and Martina Hackanson.

The roles also include Lars Farringer, Elsa Agyemann Ryland, Benjamin Shapps, Malin Levannon, Frederic Hammar, Ike Bloomberg, Carla Sen and Robin Lopez.

No release date has been specified. L&B will make sure to keep you informed!



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