New PS5 restocking announced by Sony

Sony, or more specifically Sony Rewards, has announced that it will offer a limited number of PS5 consoles starting tomorrow. Not only will this be Sony’s first PS5 restocking of 2021, but it will be one of the first PS5 restocking for 2021 across the board. So far, Best Buy, GameStop, and a few others have released new PS5 stock, but for the most part, it was impossible to find a PS5 early in the new year. Unfortunately, that’s all Sony Rewards reveals.

This news comes on the way to the official Sony Rewards Twitter account, which does not disclose any additional details. All it does is note that it will let customers know when to restock, and for this purpose, it encourages followers to turn on post notifications.

At the moment, there is no information on the size of the offer, exactly when it will run, or whether customers will be alerted in advance. Of course, this could change as the dip approaches, but for now, what’s below is all that’s been shared so far.

In addition to Sony, Target also appears to have – Focus on May – It has its own PS5 Restocking soonOr, at least that’s what some PlayStation fans think. However, the only sure chance to have a PS5 this week is the one mentioned above. Of course, if Sony provides more details about this new stock, we’ll make sure to update the story with the mentioned details.

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