New plan: Auto manufacturers to manufacture ventilators

Almost all of them are great Automakers have been forced to slow down in factories due to the Coronavirus. Factories have slim margins when it comes to component delivery from subcontractors, and just one important component is missing for cars to not be completed.

Now British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has stated that car manufacturers making cars in England will soon be required to change operations and start building ventilators for hospitals, The Times writes.

A must for breathing machines It is used to treat patients infected with the Coronavirus. There are a total of 5,000 respirators in the UK, but the need is likely to be much greater, according to the health minister.

Everyone who can afford to change engineers and production lines to build ventilators, he says.

It still exists Question marks about the suitability of car manufacturers without experience building something else to suddenly manufacture complex medical equipment, he writes BBC.

“We need to increase the production of major equipment such as ventilators so that we can help the most vulnerable groups, and companies need our help in this national effort,” the government said in a statement.

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