New owner closes Junkyard operations

Last year, fashion brand Junkyard was sold to the Norwegian group Varner, which is behind Dressmann, Cubus, Bikbok, Carlings, Volt, Urban and Wow chains. Already at the time of the acquisition, the new owner announced that some changes are underway and that the goal is to go big in e-commerce.

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The company is now embarking on a major restructuring process within Junkyard. The company informed its employees, via an internal email last week, that Junkyard would be leaving its headquarters in Trollhättan, where the brand was founded in 2002. She wrote break it.

The Junkyard warehouse will be able to move to the Varner Building outside of Vänersborg, and the store in Trollhättan will be closed for good. According to the postal correspondence, “other operations in Trollhättan should be transferred or outsourced.”

The site writes that there is uncertainty about the staff situation in Trollhättan because the company has not commented on the staff situation.

The company is reviewing how the business is organized so that Junkyard can be developed, Varner’s communications director Julie Bragli Eckhardt wrote in an email to Breakit.

We will make sure to take care of our skilled personnel in the best way during the process. Unfortunately, we cannot provide further information at this time.


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