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Check out our April 2021 listing – All premieres and news on Swedish Netflix, from “Fast cash” to “Thunder Force”.

Spring on Netflix features teen fantasy, northern noir, and superwomen.

The month begins with Concrete Cowboy (April 2), a modern cowboy drama starring Idris Elba. The comedy “Thunder Force” (April 9) gives a comedic genre of superheroes when Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer attain superpowers. Soon we’ll see Love and the Monsters (April 14), which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Special Effects.

One of the most anticipated series of the month is the Swedish movie “Snabba Cash”, which takes place ten years after the movie trilogy. Evin Ahmad plays the lead role in a completely newly written story by Jens Lapidus. Many are also curious to see “Shadow and Bone” fiction books adapted to the series (premiering April 23).

See all official release dates below (note that more titles can be added).

31 Mars
moon light
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Not a game (documentary)

April 1
I am
Black hat
Everst top
Night hunter
Prank Encounters (season 2)
Rambo III
Steve Jobs
Straight from Compton
The boy next door
The hard way
the wife
Train wreck
Balinese stories (miniseries)

April 2
Concrete Cowboy (originalfilm)
Madame Claude (original movie)
Snake (minisery)
Reach Heaven

April 5
Crypto Bias (Documentary)

April 7
Fast Cash (Season 1)
This Is Heist: The World’s Greatest Artistic Coup (Season 1)

April 8
Married Home Road (säsong 1)

April 9
Thunder Force (originalfilm)

April 13
The dead do not die

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April 14
Love and Monsters (original movie)
Dad, stop embarrassing me! (Season 1)

April 15
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (season)
Ride or die

April 23
Shadow and Bone (season 1)

April 29
Yasuke (season 1)
Things Heard and Seen (original movie)

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