New Netflix feature eliminates endless scrolling

Now no more decisions needed on the TV sofa!

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Who hasn’t sat on the couch watching a series or movie only to find himself an hour later still browsing a massive array of streaming services? Now Netflix seems to have recognized the problem with the sometimes enormous freedom of choice, and then it’s launching the “Play Something” function.

“Playing something” is about what it sounds like, when a user chooses to “play something”, he starts a series or movie that he thinks he will like. The suggestions are based on what the user previously looked at and of course the algorithm-based recommendations (like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists) don’t always work, but sometimes the gold nuggets you previously missed don’t appear.

But what if you don’t like what Netflix has to offer? Well, Netflix has thought about that and implemented the “Play Something Else” button that triggers the next, next, and next recommendation … No now you have to stop and trust the algorithm. Sometimes it helps to try something new.

The functionality has been tested on various devices in recent months but is now only rolling out to all users all over the world.

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