New message about King Harald’s health

At the end of January, the Norwegian court announced that King Harald, 83, would be on sick leave for the rest of the month due to a pain in his leg. Then no further information was disclosed.

A few days later it was announced that the king had undergone an operation, which was described as successful.

Then the Norwegian court, which declared King Harald “in good condition,” wrote a notice that he would be on sick leave for another 14 days.

Tendon above the knee

Information now appears about his process.

In an update on the court’s website, they wrote that the cause of the operation was a tendon above the knee.

They also write that King Harald is still in the rehab phase and that more recovery is required before he can return to work.

“Therefore, the sick leave has been extended until Sunday March 14. The king is currently living in Kongsseteren, where he is receiving physiotherapy.”They write on the site.

This is King Harald’s second operation in a few months.

Heart valve change

In October, he underwent surgery at the Rikshospitalet in Oslo, where he replaced a heart valve that had been in operation 15 years earlier.

The chief physician, Björn Bendes, at the Heart and Lung Clinic at the University of Oslo Hospital, said in a press release that the king is in good condition and will be returning home from Rekshospitalit today.

Then he was on sick leave for the rest of the month.

Harald was also treated in hospital in December after contracting a viral infection.

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