New job: Here is the new Malmö City Architect

Malmö’s 10th ever architect has been appointed and this week’s report on architects tops the new jobs.

Finn Williams He will be the new architect for Malmö from 28 June 2021. He is a British citizen who educated in architecture at the Royal College of Art in London and worked as an urban designer and landscape architect. He worked for nine years in the public sector in London, and in 2017 became CEO of Public Practice, a company whose mission is to build public sector capacity for proactive urban planning.

Anna Eliasson She is a new city architect in Simrishamn, the first since 2006. She previously held the position of Head of the Municipal Planning and Development Unit and also has extensive experience as a Project Engineer. As a city architect, she is the head of a new planning unit in the Public Housing Administration.


Anna Karen Scowog He changed roles at Bjerking and is now the captain of the landscape architects team in Stockholm.

Patrick Olson She is the New Business District Manager for Landscaping at ÅWL after Linda Andesberg who is now taking on the role of Senior Business Developer. Patrick Olson is a landscape design engineer who has worked for WL since 2015. He is a partner and employee representative on the company’s board of directors.

Malin Merch He is the Technology Coordinator for Architecture at Systra, based in the head office in Gothenburg. She is an architect with particular experience in infrastructure and bridges.


Diego Boroni New Landscape Architect at Systra in Stockholm. He has worked for several years in Italy and the most recent one comes from the Daniel Bell scene.

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Kanye Karim Junior landscape architect at Systra in Malmö. Previously I worked on construction land.

My Soderberg Junior landscape architect at Systra in Malmö. She recently comes from Siegel Architects and her own business.


Anna Mystery Bergboom It started at Kroc and Tjidder in Stockholm. It came recently from architecture and architecture technology and before that from Nirin and Tingbaum. She previously worked in the UK, Germany and India.

Dorota and Alos Become a certified new accessibility expert at Wester Elsner Architects. She is a certified Architect and Engineer and has worked for the company since 2017. She has extensive international experience and previously worked for Liljewall and Niras.

Eric Nystrom He is a Junior Interior Designer at BSK Architects. He recently came from Thomas Eriksson Architects, where he worked in the interior design field at ICA Head Office. Photo: Bear Christiansen


Annie Floodstrom He is a Junior Architect at BSK Architects. She recently came from Manor House, where I worked in the field of design and interior design, for example, Näsby Castle. She previously worked for Elinder Sten. Photo: Bear Christiansen

Lisa Franson Junior Architect at White Architects in Stockholm. Educated in UMA and LTH, she recently comes from Cobe Architects in Copenhagen.

Emma Orling New Landscape Architect at White Architects in Örebro. It comes directly from studies at SLU in Uppsala.


Tommy Vince He is an architect and co-founder of the company Kärnvirke arkitektur. He is a freelance project management architect and educated at UMA and the School of Architecture in Aarhus in Denmark.

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