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Netflix has so far been thrifty on portraying nature and environmental issues. But now the collaboration has begun with the WWF – on April 5, all eight episodes of the Nature Our Planet series will be launched, guiding Sir David Attenborough.

It is the first nature documentary on the streaming service, and it is succeeded by Silverback.

We want as many people as possible to see this and reach outside of groups that are already environmentally conserved, Lisbeth Larsson, communications director at WWF Sweden, tells Dagens media.

It has the potential to reach around 1 billion people via Netflix. And when compared to the other series that have been shown, this provides the opportunity to make a huge global impact through their joint world premiere on April 5.

Also, WWF is updating with Earth Hour on April 30th. Firefighting Moment and Symbolic Action launched by WWF in 2007.
Earth Hour is the campaign that we run and has the greatest impact around the world. Lisbette Larson says it is wonderful to see many famous buildings collapse, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Sydney Opera House.

According to WWF, 9 out of 10 municipalities participated during Earth Hour last year. Some municipalities have also extended Earth Hour:

– At least ten municipalities will exceed the clock this year and arrange various activities for a week. Food is often the focus – for example, to serve greener food and reduce food waste.

This year, the WWF is collaborating with the popular environmental app Dieedster – where individuals, municipalities, and businesses can calculate their climate footprint and compete against one another.

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During the spring, WWF will also appear in first-class SJ buggies on staircase tables and five-second movie clips on screens.

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