Netflix reaches 149 million viewers

During the first quarter, Netflix’s revenue increased 22.2 percent, compared to the same period last year. This means that the broadcast giant withdrew $ 4.52 billion between January and March, according to reports CNBC.

In its quarterly report, Netflix also announced that it now has nearly 149 million subscribers worldwide, which is an increase from 139.3 million in the last quarter, he writes. Adweek.

Additionally, Netflix has also focused on competitors Disney and Apple, both of which will launch their own streaming services later this year.

“Both companies are world-class brands, and we are excited about the competition. The obvious beneficiaries will be the content creators and consumers who will reap the rewards of the many companies committed to providing a great video experience to audiences,” Netflix wrote in the report.

Another news revealed by Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat the company’s marketing director Kelly Bennett is retiring, CNBC writes. Instead, Content Manager Ted Sarandos will be responsible for marketing and content while looking for a new Marketing Manager.

Just like in the previous quarterly report, the broadcast giant also provided some numbers on its original productions.

The acclaimed documentary “Fyre: The Greatest Party Never Happened” saw over 20 million households in its first month. “Triple Frontier” with Ben Affleck was watched by more than 52 million households in the first four weeks, and “The Highwaymen” was watched by 40 million households in the first month.

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