Netflix changes: Does not feature Kim Wall’s criticized documentary

In August 2017, Danish inventor Peter Madsen killed Swedish journalist Kim Wall, after he invited her to his submarine for an interview. He was later sentenced to life in prison, and since then Emma Sullivan’s documentary about Madsen, which was only initially supposed to be about building his rocket, has since been named in depth.

Premiere at Sundance

The documentary follows Peter Madsen and his apprentices before and after the murder. The film premiered in the world at the Sundance American Film Festival in January 2020 and was due to air on Netflix later this year. But after several of the people who appeared in the documentary requested to be isolated or anonymized, the project was put on hold.

One of these desires both Watchman And Danish film magazine Ekko anonymity. The other is a woman named Anja Olsen, who claims to have repeatedly asked director Emma Sullivan not to participate, something Danish told, among other things. sound echo. Photographer Cam Matheson who worked on the film Says He believes that Anja Olsen should be allowed to decide for herself whether or not she wants to be in the documentary, and when she’s not allowed to, he’s no longer behind the movie.

“I participated voluntarily”

Netflix is ​​contacted by communications agency Isobar, in Sweden. Isobar states in an email to Kulturnyheterna that Netflix no longer has any plans to launch it deep in the service. However, Anoek Eckhardt, Netflix’s communications director in Northern Europe, does not want to comment on the information or answer whether the decision has anything to do with the film’s criticism.

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The cultural news has been in contact with Emma Sullivan and the film’s producer, Mette Hyde, who references Netflix. Earlier, however, Sullivan told Danish Film Magazine sound echo All participants voluntarily participated in the documentary and conducted interviews for several years.

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