Netflix becomes a TV channel

Netflix has experienced impressive growth in recent years. The US Broadcasting Service attracts a wide variety of entertainment and has made many TV viewers choose broadcasting over traditional line television channels. This is why it may seem a bit ironic that Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching its own TV channel. Yes, you read it right! The new channel will be called Netflix Live It was first launched in France as a pilot project. It reports the site diverse.

Netflix Direct streams popular Netflix content around the clock. (Image: Netflix)

Netflix Direct: picks the entertainment for you

Netflix Direct is simply a standard line TV channel that broadcasts Netflix content at fixed times around the clock. In the first round, it will be available to those who have a subscription, but you can only search in the browser and not in the app itself. The new TV channel to be tested in France is broadcasting both French and international Netflix content. If you find any French word “hello” nothing is said about it …

It is not uncommon for Netflix to test new features in specific regions before a possible launch on a larger scale. Variety says the reason Netflix chose France in particular was the French TV habits, which remain very linear. By presenting the content in written form, it is envisaged that Netflix will attract more French people to “hook up” the original content. If you’ve watched the first episode of a good series, it might be tempting to log in to watch the next episode!

Nordic countries then?

Here in the Nordic countries, we’re used to watching exactly what we want, whenever we want – preferably several episodes in a row. Therefore, a Netflix investment may appear a bit ‘retrograde’. But who knows, sometimes it can be nice not to have to choose for yourself but rather to watch “What’s Going On Netflix” there and then?

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As I said, Netflix Direct is just a beta project, and it remains to be seen if the channel will also come to us in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. What do you think, did you want to watch Netflix?

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