Netanyahu’s trip to the United Arab Emirates has been frozen at home

His trip was to Netanyahu’s first emirate. The two countries established diplomatic relations this summer, and Netanyahu is keen to visit the emirate’s strongman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, ahead of the Israeli elections on March 23.

Jordan’s King Abdullah and Netanyahu have not met or spoken to for more than three years. The king’s confidence in the prime minister is said to have been damaged during the 2017 crisis, when Netanyahu had metal detectors installed around the Temple area in Jerusalem without consulting him.

Abdullah II, King of Jordan.

Abdullah II, King of Jordan.

Foto: Yousef Allan

According to the 1994 Israel-Jordan Peace Agreement, Jordan is the special protector of the Islamic holy sites. Reagents were removed after two stormy weeks.

The crown prince arrived on Wednesday Hussein, 24, at the border control of the Jordan River. His visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount area was closely coordinated by the security services in Israel and Jordan.

But when the delegation accompanying the crown prince was crossing the Allenby Bridge, the Israelis stopped him, and complained that the number of Jordanian security guards was greater than agreed upon. After neither side surrendered, the prince returned with an unsolved issue.

The Jordanian royal family, The one who counts relatives in the correct lineage of the Prophet Muhammad, controlled the holy sites until 1967. The family is very concerned about their special role in Jerusalem, and interprets the bleak end of the crown prince’s trip in Amman as an unfriendly sign.

It is also a fact that King Abdullah saw the rapprochement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel with sad eyes. According to him, the UAE and Bahrain have violated the Arab League’s decision in principle since 2002, when it normalized relations with Israel without any Israeli steps towards the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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