Navalny’s wife visited her husband in prison

Since March 31, Alexei Navlny has been on a hunger strike in the IK2 penal colony outside Moscow, where he is serving a prison sentence. The strike began after the colony’s penal administration had repeatedly denied the care of Navalny Hospital. According to people on the politician’s staff and his lawyer, his health has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks.

Now his wife also testifies to a noticeable difference in the health of Putin’s critic. After visiting her husband in the penal colony and talking to him through a glass window with a phone, Navalnaga wrote an Instagram post. I wrote that Alexei Navalny is narrower than ever, much narrower than he was after he was in a coma in September.

She writes, “I did not see the skin on the very narrow face above the skull.”

She adds that Alexei Navalny is still in good spirits And he’s joking as usual. However, he must have had difficulty speaking and had to take breaks while visiting his wife by lying on the table and resting.

“After this visit, I feel more worried about him.”

“Everyone has saluted, but he no longer has the strength to add that everything will be fine. Then I can say that in its place. Everything will be fine,” Navalnaga writes.

Many Russian media It was reported that the police had listed Julia Navalnaga as a person “at risk of committing administrative crimes”.

She was arrested twice after participating in demonstrations in support of her husband. She was also sentenced to pay a fine of 20,000 rubles, nearly 2,000 kronor, for her demonstrating on January 31 this year.

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In August of last year, Alexei Navalny suddenly lost consciousness during the flight. He was later taken to a hospital in Germany for treatment, where it was found that he had been poisoned by the neurotoxin novitjok. On January 17, he returns to his homeland in Russia. He was caught directly at the airport and later sentenced to prison.

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