Navalny in court: You’re ashamed

This week, Navalny, who is seen as the main critic of President Vladimir Putin, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. This is a violation of the preceding conditional sentence rules.

But he is implicated in several lawsuits, operations that his staff see as politically motivated attempts to silence him. On Friday, it was time for a new hearing on the defamation charge of a 95-year-old veteran.

Regime critics who participated in a promotional video for the Russian constitutional amendments last year, including the old man, described them as a “stain on the country” and “traitors.”

The guard was extravagant during the trial at the Babushinsky District Court in Moscow, with many armed policemen in bulletproof vests in and around the building. Trapped in a glass cage, Navalny appeared, voicing support for his lawyer’s line that the judge is unfair and should be denied the case.

– Stop embarrassing yourself. He told the judge that there are registration sessions to learn more about the laws of the Russian Federation.

Navalny’s arrest sparked widespread protests in Russia. Several participants were arrested, indicating that the demonstrations were illegal. So, for this weekend, a new method is planned – to gather in the courtyards of residential real estate and light candles.

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