Navalny has been moved to an unknown location

When the opposition politician returned home from Germany in January, he was arrested and ultimately sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for violating the rules of a previous conditional sentence for embezzlement.

The arrest sparked the largest demonstrations critical of the government in several years in Russia and caused new tensions in the country’s relations with the West, with several leaders calling for Navalny’s immediate release.

As of Thursday, the 44-year-old was held in Moscow’s notorious Matroskaya Tishina detention center, where inmates are being monitored everywhere and all the time, even on the toilet.

Attorney Vadim Kupzev is now writing on Twitter That his client has been removed from custody. Where the road took is currently unknown.

This is a trend evident now in Moscow. They send people to serve their sentences before the ruling gains legal force. Sometimes before they even have time to appeal. This is not something unexpected, Kopzev says Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

The lawyer told the “Echo Musky” radio channel that he had come to the prison on Thursday to visit his client.

They made me wait there for three hours and then returned my papers and declared that the meeting could not be held because it was no longer there.

According to Tass, Navalny’s relatives must be informed of his whereabouts upon arrival.

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