Naughty Dog is looking for a financial designer for multiplayer games

Multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2, anyone?

A recent job advertisement at Naughty Dog It indicates that the company has a multiplayer-related thing going on. The job is as a multiplayer financial designer, and describing the type of person the company is looking for speeds up the urge to speculate.

Thus they write:

We are looking for a passionate multiplayer economy designer who can help us create ways of self-expression for our players, ensure the robust longevity of our games, and give our players big rewards to strive for.

The responsibilities of the applicant:

  • Design, implement, and adjust game economy and player progression systems

  • Collaborate with other game designers to ensure ecosystems work well with the game as a whole

  • Collaborate widely with other departments, especially programming, character and user interface to drive production on the code and technical assets needed for the player’s economy

  • Collaborate extensively with the Live Ops team to improve the economy and respond to players’ needs

  • Develop data analytics for player behavior, and strategy for responding to those findings

  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

It pretty much seems like players have to be able to tailor their own characters and a stream of constant rewards to keep players going. In short: a multiplayer game that’s supposed to be running for a while.

It’s not clear what the game is, but because dirty dogs have to provide The Last of Us Part 2 With multiplayer mode, first guessing lands on it.

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