Nathan Shahar: The treatment of the Saudi crown prince frightens the allies of the United States

Under Donald Trump, the Gulf states, Turkey, Israel and Egypt used to completely ignore aspects of human rights in the White House. Trump even expressed his disapproval of the Egyptian president’s brutal leadership style, and the US embassy in Israel stopped reporting violations and seizures of land in the occupied territories. But the most corrupt countries were the states of the Arabian Peninsula. Neither Kuwait, the UAE, or Bahrain jail and execute nearly as many as Saudi Arabia, but their political system and legislation largely date back to the Middle Ages, with the death penalty for homosexuals and a host of bans on women’s participation in public life.

Since Joe Biden’s chief of foreign affairs established himself a month ago, all of the aforementioned countries have received a harsh reprimand. Turkey’s persecution of journalists and activists was described. I condemn Israel’s decision not to vaccinate the occupied Palestinians. Trump’s enemy the Palestinian Authority, now hailed in the pro-US circle, has been warned of trying to deceive the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Under Trump, it was enough for allies to praise the president, purchase American weapons systems, and cooperate with the United States in the fight against Iran’s nuclear program. The Biden staff indicated, surprisingly early and sharply, that friendship had an ethical aspect, as well as a commercial aspect.

To put his diplomats into forcefully, Biden did not consult with Middle Eastern leaders during his first weeks at the White House, although he did contact a number of leaders in other countries. Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu, who can call Trump whenever he wants, had to wait nearly a month before Biden called him, in a clear warning of new times. When Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Biden to congratulate him on his election victory, he did not respond.

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