Nacon responds to Sinking City’s allegations. Claims that the developers got their hug

The story of the sunken city continues now. The Little modest game It was removed from game stores last summer when developers Frogware claimed that distributor Nacon had not delivered the money as agreed. Recently, Nacon posted the game on Steam against Frogware’s will, and shortly thereafter, Frogware announced that this version of the game was a pirated copy that Nacon had hacked and provided evidence of. Frogware also asked fans not to purchase the Steam version and ended up removing the game from Steam again.

Nacon was very quiet about everything, but now he has responded to speeches. In a press release, Nacon wrote that the developers definitely got paid, whether for development or royalties from sales. More specifically, Frogware has to be paid € 8.9 million. Nacon also writes that Frogware itself attempted to post the game on Steam without mentioning the distributor, which violated the agreement the companies signed, and that Nacon was right in all legal decisions in the dispute. However, Nacon did not respond to the claim that they hacked the game.

Everything continues to feel like tossing a pie and we’ll see where it all ends. However, it appears as if another legal process is pending.

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