Musk wants to talk to Putin at the Clubhouse – that’s the answer

This weekend, Tesla founder Elon Musk wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Twitter.

“Would you like to have a conversation with me at the club?”Musk Books.

Then Musk wrote another tweet, this time in Russian:

“It is a great honor to speak to you.”

“This is a very interesting suggestion.”

Musk has now received a response from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Indicates a particular problem with Mask’s suggestion.

“President Putin personally does not use social media, it is not something that he deals with himself,” Peskov says.

But he stressed that the Russian president was not interested in what Musk suggested.

This is a very interesting proposal, but first what it actually means and what is proposed must be defined, says Peskov.

The social media platform Clubhouse has been around for nine months and has several million users. Clubhouse is an interactive and sound-based app.

Musk interviewed Robinhood app founder Vlad Teneff at Clubhouse. Musk announced last week that he had agreed to “make a clubhouse” with artist Kanye West.

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