Multiplayer in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has become “too complex”

Maybe you never miss a whopping number?

when Mass effect 3 It was released nearly nine years ago, and it came with something like Mass effectPlayers Never Before: Multiplayer Mode. When the trilogy returns remastered in form Legendary version of Mass Effect However, we can do without multiplayer. In an interview with Detective game Mac Walters, the project manager, claims to have become “very complicated”.

Walters says restoring a 1982 Porsche is one thing, and quite another if the said car had been poured and sunk into concrete, when you had to dig it piece by piece. In short, Bioware has chosen to focus on the parts and details that they think fans want the most.

I feel so strongly that we chose the things that most of our fans were passionate about. On the subject matter of team play, it was really difficult. The operation and functionality of all systems online might be another big part that needs to be done but at the same time, there is a lot of other logistics. The economy is built completely differently. Then questions arose like, “Do we support it after launch? What about people who are still playing multiplayer today? Are we trying to somehow find a way to do the crossover between PS3 and PS4?”

Legendary version of Mass Effect It was released on May 14 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will also be compatible with the new Xbox and PS5 consoles. brand new Mass effect It is also under development.

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