MTR supports Stockholm City's Unga Station operations

Since 2011, MTR has supported Stockholm City’s mission by donating money annually to collect donations for vulnerable people in Stockholm. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the need for financial support is greater than usual and therefore MTR has chosen to donate an additional SEK 300,000 to the Stockholm City Mission. The scholarship goes to their youth station activities to help children, youth and their families at this particularly difficult time.

Stockholm City Mission works for a more humane society through social welfare, work integration and education with the goal of promoting participation regardless of financial and background resources and preventing exclusion. Since 2011, MTR has supported Stockholm City’s mission by donating money annually to collect donations for vulnerable people in Stockholm. By contributing financially to the activities of Unga Station in the Stockholm City Mission, MTR now also supports work to address vulnerability and suffering among children, youth and young parents.

In recent times, the number of families in need of assistance has increased significantly. These are parents who are losing their jobs, young people who no longer get school lunch, which for many is the only meal cooked in a day, children and teens who need access to connected computers and support to run their studies. The needs are great and we are now facing a summer when we know it will be tough for many. That’s why we’re so grateful that MTR has now been chosen to support Unga, which means so much to so many children and young adults, says Jonas Wellstrand, head of social welfare at Stockholm City Mission.

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– I am very grateful that we can participate and contribute to the activities of Unga Station. Through their work, more children and young people can have a safe meeting place and meaningful activities, which is especially important at the present time. I’m also proud that the idea to do something extra for Stockholm came from an adventurous fellow who, in addition to his role as the station host at MTR Subway, is one of many volunteers in Stockholm, says Mark Jensen, CEO of MTR Nordic.

Unga Station is the Stockholm City Mission home for children, youth and families who in various ways are vulnerable and encounter difficulties in life. Offers support in conversation, acting, outreach, parenting education, financial advice, and support. Since social community and rest periods in daily life are important to gain strength to change their life situation, a variety of activities are offered to children, youth and families. Among others, open preschool, activities open to children and youth as well as excursions and activities for families on weekends and school holidays.

Read more about Unga Station at Varberg, I am Yarva district and on Sodermalm In Stockholm.

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