Mouth protection requirements in all general indoor environments

Due to the mutated virus variants now spreading around the world, the Center Party is demanding increasing rules on oral protection, covering all indoor public environments. Johnson said in a press release: “There is a high risk of a third wave in Sweden.”

  • Posted on 10:19, 27 January 2021

Given the fact that many mutant variants of the Coronavirus are now spreading around the world and it is feared to have a higher infection rate than previous variants, the Center Party suggested that mouthguards should be worn when moving in general indoor environments in general – not just in Public transport during rush hour.

Mouth protection may not have much effect, but it can reduce the spread of infection and have no side effects, says the party’s health care policy spokesman and group leader Anders W. Johnson. To Expressen.

The law offers an opportunity

Shopping malls, supermarkets, railway stations, trains, bars, cafes and restaurants provide Anders W Jonsson as examples of places where there should be requirements for mouth protection.

The new epidemic law allows for limits on the number of inmates and for mouth protection requirements for inmates and working staff. Restrictions that may have a greater impact on spreading infection than stopping alcohol intake Eight o’clock in the evening, He told Expressen.

Now ticket inspectors can have mouth guards

Tegnell frequency

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell believes there is no reason at present to expand the recommendation on oral protection.

Not directly and not spontaneously. There is always a discussion about where, when, and how we can see that mouth guards could add a thing. We are constantly monitoring this, regardless of these variables. There is nothing we know about the variants today that says protecting the mouth will be more effective in it than the virus we know today, Anders Tegnell tells Expressen.

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Mouthguards on the subway share in common with Stockholmers: “It’s not necessary.”

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