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Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican member of the US House of Representatives, made the controversial statement in a conservative audio broadcast.

She claimed that the Democrats’ demand for mouthguards to be placed on Capitol Hill was similar to the Nazis’ atrocities against Jews during World War II.

A time in history people were told to wear a gold star, she said, referring to the yellow Star of David that the Nazis forced Jews to wear.

“Can’t mix”

Taylor Greene also said that the railroad transfers that ultimately led to the gassing of people by Nazi Germany was exactly the same type of abuse that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke of regarding mouth protection.

This measurement sparked strong reactions in the country among Democrats and Republicans.

On Monday, Marjorie Taylor Green wrote retracting her statement Watchman.

“I am frankly sorry for insulting people by making a comparison with the Holocaust,” says Marjorie Taylor after a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

She also says that the two events cannot be compared to each other. Marjorie Taylor Green is a controversial figure and has expressed support for the far-right conspiracy theory law movement.

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