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Kim’s sister responds to Biden – with threats

US President Joe Biden has not received a response to a reconciliation call from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un since he took office.

The dictator’s sister, Kim Jong Un, now speaks out – albeit with threats. The reason is the ongoing military exercises that the United States is conducting with South Korea.

“You cannot combine military exercises with hostility with communication and cooperation,” Kim Yo-jung told Reuters.

If you want to be able to sleep peacefully and quietly for the next four years, you better not be provoked by the first thing you do.

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Tina says goodbye to fans in a new documentary

American artist Tina Turner, best known for 1980s songs like “Whats Love Got to Do with It” and “The Best”, has suffered in recent years from severe health problems. So much so that the 81-year-old American is forced to stop wandering around and feels she wants to end her life on her own.

She reveals this in a new documentary where she also takes the opportunity to say goodbye to her fans.

– “I travel to the US to say goodbye to my fans and then quit,” her husband Erwin Bach said in the documentary, she said.

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Some areas are faster to graft

Vaccination at Home Care Service is faster in Halland, Varmland and Gotland. Two-thirds of workers received a second vaccine. Compared to Stockholm, only 1 in 30 home care workers are fully vaccinated.

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We’ve had very good cooperation between the district and county municipalities, says Varmland District Vaccination Coordinator Anders Nordmark.

There are significant differences between regions in the extent to which the vaccination process has reached. Gotland is first and 7.61 percent of the population received two doses. The corresponding figure in Värmland is 5.56.

The Vaccination Coordinator in Värmland believes that the success in his area is due to the good cooperation between the district and the municipalities.

We have regular meetings between senior management of civil servants in the district and the municipalities. So we have the opportunity to communicate the strategic direction in a good way, he says.

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