More unofficial information about the Pixel 6 Google slide

More unofficial details about the chip, called “Whitechapel GS101”, have now appeared in rumors. According to the report, Google turned to Samsung’s SLSI division for help with design and manufacturing.

The same section is behind Samsung’s Exynos chip, which may mean Whitechapel has something in common with Exynos at first. The chip is said to have three cores and eight cores: two Cortex-78 cores, a Cortex-A76 core, and four Cortex-A55 cores.

Whitechapel is expected to be closer to Snapdragon 765 in terms of performance than the latest and faster Snapdragon 888. The graphic part will be based on Valhall architecture from Arm. So far, Valhall has only used a few graphics components, such as the Mali-G77 and Mali-G78.

The chip can provide both Pixel Visual Core and NPU (“Neural Processing Unit”). Google Pixel 3 has since used a security chip called Titan M. Whitechapel is said to offer an upgraded equivalent called “Dauntless” which will work with both Android and Chrome OS. In Whitechapel, the safety portion can be integrated directly into the slide, rather than lying separately.

The final point in the rumors is that 5G is being offered via the same type of modem found on Exynos, codenamed Shannon.

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