More twins are born in the world than ever before

The number of twins in the world is increasing. According to a new study, one in every 42 babies born is now a twin BBC. At the same time, researchers believe that the climax has been reached.

The number of twins in the world has increased since the 1980s. Photo gallery.picture: Andrea Alexandru / AP / TT

About 1.6 million twins are born every year. The proportion of twins births has increased by a third since the 1980s, from nine to twelve births per thousand, according to studies Led by researchers from the University of Oxford.

There are several reasons, including the development of IVF and in vitro fertilization, which increases the chance of having twins. The fact that people are choosing to have children at an older age than before also plays a role, as older women largely give birth to twins.

Researchers compared the number of births from 165 countries in 2010-2015 with births from 112 countries between 1980-1985. It turns out that births of twins increased by 32 percent in Asia and 71 percent in North America.

However, African and Asian births account for 80 percent of all births with twins, and in Africa the proportion of twins has always been high.

A large number of dizygotic twins are born in African countries. But the twins’ chances of survival are much lower, Professor Christian Munden tells the BBC.

The study researchers say it is difficult to predict whether the number of twins will continue to increase in the world.

The results seem to indicate that we have reached a peak in high-income countries, especially in Europe and North America. We may see a combination of decreased fertility, increased life expectancy at birth and increased in vitro fertilization. Study co-author Jill Besson told AFP that the first factor leads to fewer births of twins, while the last two lead to more twins.

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