More than 180 artists recall the new Spotify technology

Three years ago, Spotify applied for a patent for a technology that could suggest music to the listener via voice recognition. A possible example is Spotify hears a listener sad and suggests sad music.

The patent was approved in January and now there’s a long line of artists and organizations at work Outside And he wants Spotify to forgo all future uses of the technology.

According to the letter writers, this technology is likely to be offensive, racist and discriminatory. Questions are also being asked about how proper monitoring works in terms of safety and integrity.

The message says: “Music should be made for human communication, not for profit maximization algorithms.”

at Suspension To Access Now, one of the letter writers, Spotify replies:

“Spotify has never applied the technology described in the patent and we have no plans to do so. Our development teams are constantly imagining and developing new technology in our continuous innovation process. Sometimes these innovations are implemented in our products and sometimes they are not.”

However, the letter writers want to obtain from Spotify a public promise to “not use, license, sell or monetize the recommendation technology”.

Spotify searched for comment.

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