More positive ringtones from the UK again – Echo News

Amidst the speech of British Chancellor Michael Gove in Parliament about the state of negotiations today, it was learned that the chief negotiator of the European Union, Michel Barnier, has tweeted that he is now ready to come to London and intensify negotiations in all areas and also start discussing the texts of a concrete agreement on the European Union.

Message welcomed By Michael Gove.

Barnier’s tweet after a conversation with her British counterpart today was similar to that sent by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen last Friday, as she also spoke of intense negotiations.

But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously criticized the EU’s conclusions harshly after last week’s EU summit, saying that the British would now prepare for no deal with the EU unless the EU changes fundamentally.

British critics of government negotiation methods say Johnson’s harsh words last week were mostly a risky tactical game, but in any case, both sides now seem to want to resume negotiations. But the situation remains unclear.

Some large bumps There are, for Britain with its rich fish waters, changes in fisheries policy. The British must decide who to fish in their waters and how much is fundamental to an agreement.

For the European Union, it is equally important to accept an agreement stating that the UK will not be able to gain advantages over the EU in the future by competing, for example, with lower standards in different areas.

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