More and more Republicans urge Trump to halt allegations of electoral fraud and admit defeat: “Time to understand what really happened” | Foreigner

The majority of Republican members of Congress in the United States have yet to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential election. More and more Republican politicians are still asking Trump to start the transition to which you belong when electing a new president.

Several senators and members of Congress in the United States recently voiced their criticism of President Donald Trump’s allegations of election fraud.

The last of them is Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who said it was time for the Trump administration to start the transition process for Joe Biden.

The loser in the elections will put the country first, congratulate the winner, and help him get off to a good start in his presidency.

Michigan Republican Fred Upton told reporters he had seen no signs or evidence of electoral fraud in the state.

When Upton was asked whether it was time for Trump to admit defeat, he replied:

Yes, everything is now seen and done.

“It’s hard to imagine the worse and undemocratic behavior of a current president in the United States.”

Reuters news agency spoke to a Republican strategist who said that one can now see widespread criticism of Trump within the Republican Party.

Many Republicans who were previously critical of Trump now join those who have supported him over the past four years.

Maine Senator Susan Collins says Biden must have access to government offices, resources and other information he needs to be ready to take over the presidency after his inauguration as president of the United States.

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For his part, Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska said that “the minimum is high” in proving that the elections were “stolen by the Democrats.”

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is one of the few famous Republicans to have criticized Trump for a long time. He also says now that Trump has failed to present credible arguments to prove election fraud. He condemns Trump’s actions to pressure state and local authorities to overthrow the election result.

It is hard to imagine the worse and undemocratic behavior of a president in the United States, he wrote on Twitter.

Says Kay Granger, a longtime Republican politician in Texas CNN She doubts Trump’s ability to alter the election outcome.

– In my opinion, it is time to move forward. It’s time for him [Trump] I really understood what was happening, she says.

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, told CNN that he is concerned that Trump’s accusations undermine the very essence of democracy.

What really bothers me is the unfounded accusations of fraud and cheating. It has devastating effects.

Sources: Reuters and CNN

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