Molly Sandin was shortlisted for an Academy Award for a Netflix movie

The Academy Awards announced Tuesday its shortlist ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony. On its list of “Music (Original Song)” was “Husavik” from “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” sung by Molly Sandin.

The Swedish artist had to give his singing voice to the main character Rachel McAdams, a “sick coincidence”.

I was in Los Angeles on a songwriting trip and a close friend and music producer called me there. He worked on this project and he asked me to put a demo song on one he wrote for the movie. Molly Sandin said the script was cool so I stood up but never really thought they’d choose me DN last summer.

When the movie appeared on Netflix in June 2020, there was speculation about who made the singing voice for the main character Sigrit. Molly Sandén is listed as My Marianne in translation.

– These two are my middle names. My Marianne is kind of a 14-year-old alter ego, as she stands downstairs trying to take loud hikes in Celine Dion’s Keys. She told DN it feels good that she can be a part of this.

Other shortlisted candidates also include Ludwig Göransson for Original Music in “Tenet”. The final nominations will be presented by the Oscars on March 15th. The award ceremony will take place at the Oscars on April 25th.

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