Misbehavior, contempt for knowledge, and loss punish themselves – Corinne

answer to Could what happened in the United States also happen in Sweden? (31/5).

He continues, “How can issues such as climate change, the desire of the poor for a better life, and crime be treated as ideological rather than scientific issues?”

Although the aforementioned right-wing coalition in Sweden has not yet been voted on, Holmqvist’s subsequent questions answer themselves. “Low quality in Swedish schools? … Contempt for science? Perhaps a lack of education?”

If those in power allow society to evolve toward weaker school outcomes (after decades of educational turmoil, zigzag thinking, and contempt for knowledge, as the faculty has been increasingly deprived of its prior axiomatic power), poor care (despite strong opposition to the contrary) and swift crime It is not surprising that voters are looking for alternatives.

Add a lot of pride:

The tax on Swedish-made bags made from recycled plastic or not containing fossil raw materials, while plastic bags made from fossil raw materials in other countries are tax-exempt!

– Svenska Kraftnät recently stated that the distribution network is not sufficient for all the electricity the authorities intend to use, and that expansion plans are vague, to put it mildly.

High-speed rail is planned, while the existing rail network has long suffered from a lack of maintenance.

Responsibility for the shortcomings, of course, lies with the governments that allowed this to happen. Whether others will be able to solve the problems is an open question, but it is not difficult to understand whether the current rulers will lose voter confidence. There is no need for conspiracy theories or a lack of critical evaluation of online sources.

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