Microsoft’s Acquisition of Bethesda Certified – Forms a New Affiliate

Having been strictly sailed by Sony’s Playstation 4 over the previous generation, Microsoft is in full swing with their homework. There will be more new game titles for the Xbox S / X and Xbox Series S / X, something the company intends to address with its acquisition of gaming studios. During the fall, it becomes official to buy Microsoft Zenimax Media, the parent company of the legendary Bethesda and Id Software.

The deal is subject to approval by authorities around the world, who review their compliance with competition law. according to Official European Union documents All the details seem to be worked out, with Microsoft’s solution to start a new subsidiary of Zenimax Media with associated gaming studios.

The new subsidiary will be aptly named Vault (from Fallout / Editor’s Note) and according to the documents it is a company merger, with Zenimax Media part of Vault. This differs from Microsoft’s previous acquisitions of game studios, which officially became part of Microsoft and made it into the Xbox Game Studios brand.

The reason for the arrangement is not specified in specific terms. One possible reason is that Vault, as a semi-independent company, will be able to continue launching games on platforms other than Microsoft, such as Sony Playstation and Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that the design has not been fully decided yet, but according to the Twitter account _XboxNews The European Union must approve the deal on Monday, February 15th.

In addition to Bethesda Software, Bethesda Game Studios, and Id Software, it owns Zenimax Media Alpha Dog, Arkane, Machine Games, Roundhouse Studios, Tango Gameworks, and Zenimax Online Studios.

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