Mfof on DN review of adoptions: Infamous info

DN posts about offenses related to Adoption from Colombia It received strong reactions from our readers.

The adoption center, which has brokered nearly 5,000 adoptions from the country, declined to be interviewed. By email to DN states Operations Manager Christine Jidung said that investigating children’s background is the responsibility of the country of origin.

Family Law Commission Parenting and Parenting Support, Mfof, is taking over the supervision and delegation of international adoptions. After reading the DN report from Colombia, CEO Per Bergling reacts strongly.

– This information is outrageous and horrific. He says we take them very seriously.

Should you have produced this information yourself? How do you see your responsibility?

Our job is to ensure that international adoption mediation today takes place in accordance with international agreements and Swedish law. It is not our job to investigate long-ago irregularities.

The Dutch investigation Violations related to the adoptions, including from Colombia, were publicized in February. Then the Dutch government introduced a temporary moratorium on adoption.

In a document, read by DN, Mfof appears to have begun reviewing the licensing of Colombia’s adoption center. Peer Bergling asserts that this is linked to the Dutch investigation.

We want to get an idea of ​​whether the content of the investigation has anything to do with our view of activities in Colombia today, he says.

Can Mfof ensure that today’s adoptions from Colombia are safe, legally and ethically?

I think international adoption is similar to other complex international activities. There is always a risk of violations and inaccuracies. That is why we need regulation that limits risks and authority to exercise oversight.

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