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Mets’ Max Scherzer: PitchCom Should Be ban

Life StyleMets' Max Scherzer: PitchCom Should Be ban

After a newly comprehensive show with his mask, mets right hand Max Scherzer They were encouraged to use PitchCom, a walkie-talkie MLB Allowed for the first time this season. But after using it for the first time on Wednesday in New York, Scherzer believes the technology should be banned.

Scherzer said after leading the Mets to a 3-2 victory Yankees sweep series. “Does it help? Yes. But I also think it should be illegal.”

The PitchCom allows the catcher to send pitch signals to his pitcher and two other players on the field by pressing buttons on a wearable rather than the traditional method of communicating signals, usually using a combination of blinking fingers. The new technology is designed to deter opposing teams from stealing those traditional signs.

Sign-stealing has always been a part of baseball’s history, and it’s not banned in the playbook. But the idea reached new levels in 2017 and 18 during Astros Signal theft scandal. Since then, MLB has banned the use of technology to help steal signals, including video feeds and iPads that can transmit information to the bunker.

These rules do not prevent the runner at second base from attempting to steal signals. But PitchCom does.

“Stealing banners is part of the game,” Scherzer said. “For me, I’ve always prided myself on having a complex system of signals and having that advantage over other shooters. So the fact that we take this out of the game and just put the technology in, now you can’t steal signals in a second. That’s part of baseball, trying to crack someone’s signals” .

Scherzer was encouraged to use the new technology by Mets catcher Thomas Nest After the two misunderstood marks in a recent start. Scherzer said he may continue to use the technology.

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