Megi releases hopeful single “Better Times”

Listen to the song:

In February of this year, the 20-year-old made his debut Meiji With the song the motherA tribute song to his late mother. Miguel Koyate was born in Paris and lost his mother at birth. When he was 7 years old, he moved in with his father, Danny Koyate (Award-winning film director and screenwriter for the Swedish film As We LIVE) To Uppsala where he grew up and struggled to find an affiliation after leaving his sister and friends in Paris.

The tragedy of growing up without her mother and moving to a new country was difficult for Meiji. But it wasn’t long before he found his friends whom he calls today “4L”. That was when the music came out.

Now is the time for Megg to release their second single – Better times.

2020 has been a messy year so far not a secret, with a global pandemic and protests for black life significant in the United States and the rest of the world, Meiji says with this song that better times will come.

When we go through tough times, there are always better times. What is happening in the world now is wrong. But I dare say that this movement taking place right now will make people understand that there is no difference between people. Racism will always be there but I hope people understand our pain and that everyone is the same, no matter where you come from or your skin color. I believe in better times. Meiji.

Better times Released today via Sony Music. The song was written by Miguel Koyate and produced by Buddha Phipps.

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