‘Mary of East Town’ finale causes HBO Max to crash | Movie Zen

The much-anticipated decision on “Mary of East Town” was released on Sunday on US channel HBO Max. But many waiting viewers were met with frustrating error messages.

He wrote that the live streaming service HBO Max was down for 2-3 hours on Sunday night Limit. However, it’s unclear if it’s due to too much pressure on the last episode, or if it’s just a coincidence. It is at least clear that viewers who have been watching the series for six weeks are not satisfied.

The detective series “Mare of Easttown” follows a tormented but dedicated small town police officer (Kate Winslet) as she investigates the death of a teenage girl. When the series premiered in the United States in April, the first episode was watched by over a million viewers — it’s The second biggest show ever on HBO Max.

There are thirteen out of twelve series about dystopian detectives who must solve a murder while facing an intertwined private life. However, it is clear from the first moment that ‘Mary of East Town’ stands out from the crowd. Kate Winslet seems to thrive in the role of A hard-pressed, yet cohesive Marie, and the series has great raw language that seems believable and often gets very entertaining,” Anna Sundel writes in her review of MovieZine.

Here in Sweden, the “Mare of Easttown” finale released today on HBO Nordic, and we’re keeping all servers withstanding the pressure.

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