Maria Shutenus: Syria’s first lady is sharpened and unscrupulous

Wars are often male projects, but in Syria there is an intelligent and educated woman who has gained a lot of power. Asma Al-Assad, First Lady of the Kingdom.

In the early 2000s, she was dubbed “The Lady of the Arab World” and “Jasmine from Damascus”. Vogue magazine called it the “Desert Rose”.

Big leap Attached, attachment At the young presidential couple in Syria who wanted to reform the country. They were lovers of western countries in the Arab world and hang out in the most beautiful beauty salons around the world.

During a trip to Beirut in the spring of 2005, the city and Lebanon were in mourning. Their leader, Rafik Hariri, was killed just a few months ago. The question was by whom? In every refrigerator, in every store, and everywhere, people were hanging pictures of the murdered popular leaders of Lebanon. The country is boiling.

In the end, it turned out that Syria was behind the attack. Six years later, war erupted in Syria due to the Arab Spring. The war, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, has forced more than 12 million to flee, and the country has left a generation of traumatized children.

President and dictator Bashar al-Assad, whose family has ruled Syria since the 1970s, is married to Asma, or Emma, ​​as she was called when she grew up in Acton, an area in west London. Her father is a successful diplomat and heart surgeon, with roots in Homs and the president of the British-Syrian Association. She herself is highly educated, she has Degree from Kings College She earned her MA in French Literature and Computer Science, started investment banking at JP Morgan and was on the verge of getting her MBA from Harvard University, when she got married and moved to Syria. In 2018 and 2019, she was treated for breast cancer Are considered restored.

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Sunni Muslim names are not Alawite like the rest of the Assad family. It is now seen as a diplomatic advantage, not a problem. This was not the case at first, then her husband Asmaa’s family opposed with her mother-in-law at the front.

When during the war the Assad family began to stir hate in place of popularity, the term “Marie Antoinette” became the name Syrian. She was considered “frivolous and heartless.” According to Le MondeBecause she ordered a lot of expensive jewelry, clothes and shoes from French designer Christian Louboutin, at the same time that oppression and poverty worsened in Syria.

It gradually ended Dinner invitations from Politics Jetset are coming and now it’s getting more difficult. The European Union and the United States froze the president’s assets, and there is talk of her revoking her British citizenship.

Asma al-Assad’s counterattack is to effectively take control of the entire public economy in Syria. She is the head of the Syria Trust for Development (STD), which she used as a platform. From there it has She surpassed Rami Makhlouf, her husband’s cousin Instead, they allied themselves with the wealthiest oligarchy to strengthen their power. At the same time, through its foundation, it provides assistance to war victims and education to poor women and children in rural areas.

Her increasingly strong grip on the country’s economy stimulates her to think long-term about securing the future of her children. Ibn Hafez is next to Bashar.

Asma Al-Assad You hear now that she is “benefiting from the war” and that the accusations are getting uglier, like “Our Lady of Death”.

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What I see is an unscrupulous but extremely skilled businesswoman, who is taking power out of the hands of less intelligent men in Syria and fighting like a tiger for her children. It has made Syria’s fate its own project, ready to allow others to fall victim to its goal of saving part of the ruling family, its nuclear family.

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