Manhattan attorney general investigates Donald Trump’s tax information: It’s more about suspicion than buying silence from a foreign woman

The New York attorney general sent a letter to federal court on Monday regarding President Donald Trump’s tax information.

In the letter, Manhattan Attorney Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, stated that Trump was now under investigation for suspected “widespread and long-term criminal activity.”

It is a more serious criminal suspicion than before, as the investigation was supposed to be limited to payments that Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen are suspected of pushing to silence two women who claim to have a relationship with Trump. Trump has denied suspicions.

Vance has long demanded access to Trump’s tax returns from an eight-year period. The Prosecutor has so far been silent about what the investigation entails as well as the part that deals with suspected payments to women. But Vance now suggests that these are more serious doubts than has been known until now.

The US Supreme Court ruled in July that the New York attorney general has access to Trump’s tax information. The decision came against Trump’s attorneys, who argued that the incumbent president enjoys immunity from criminal investigations at the federal level.

Trump himself has refrained from publishing his tax information for several years, unlike past presidents in the United States.

Trump rejects attorney general’s investigation: “this has been going on for three and a half years”

Lawyers representing Attorney General Vance pointed out in a letter Monday to media reports and news articles alleging that Trump used to exaggerate the value of his assets in the financial reports he sent to banks and business partners.

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They also cited statements by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who said that the president was accustomed to exaggerating his wealth to persuade lenders and partners, but diminishing his assets the more he intended to move away from a lower tax rate.

Trump rejected the attorney general’s investigation, describing it as an attempt by Democrats to gain access to it.

– It’s just a continuation of the witch hunt, it’s the Democrats. They failed with Mueller. They failed in everything. They failed with Congress. Trump said this has been going on for three and a half years, referring to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s alleged campaign involvement with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

Sources: AP, Reuters, The New York Times

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