Malin Kristen Releases 1st Single “Equal Children Play Best”


In May this year it debuted Malin Christine As an artist with the song Salt in wounds With fellow artist Mira Granberg. Shortly thereafter, she visited the Albin Jones song never give up. Malin, on the other hand, is not a newcomer on the music scene, as she had time to work as a songwriter with Swedish and international artists with a focus in Europe, the USA and Asia. Once she started writing for herself, she found her expression in the meeting ground between modern Swedish pop music and alternative R&B.

Malin Christine is now ready to release her first single Birds stick togetherA song about difference, but still together in love.

Like Children Play Best is about the fact that you might not have to be very similar to work together. I criticize the saying “equal kids play better”, is this really true or is it okay to be different in the relationship? I think you usually fall in love with someone a little different than you subconsciously, that you can compliment each other.

In the near future we will hear many more from Christine Malin: I’ve worked hard on this project for over a year and wrote a lot of music that I want to share. They have become very personal songs and I hope many more recognize themselves in them and draw strength from them.

Birds stick together Chest Today is October 23 Via Sony Music. The song was written by Malin Kristen with Oliver Forsmark who is also behind the production.

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