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There are still questions about how the government vaccine plan will be implemented. According to Ali Merazimi, assistant professor of clinical virology at the Karolinska Institute, a lot can go wrong.

Vaccines are produced and shipped directly so that anything that affects production is interfering with. The transfers themselves can be a problem, even when the vaccine has been dispensed. It demonstrates that everything must work in production in order to use.

Three vaccines are approved to date

The population of Sweden over the age of 18 in November 2020 was just over 8 million (Statistics Sweden, 2020). Assuming that everyone over the age of 18 needs two doses of the vaccine and wants to be vaccinated, approximately 16 million doses are required.

To date, a total of 585,843 vaccines have been reported in the National Vaccination Register, of which 187,751 vaccines are two doses (Public Health Agency, February 19, 2021).

So far, three vaccines have been approved in Sweden. Pfizer / BioNTech, Astra Zeneca, and Moderna. The Swedish Public Health Agency’s plan includes 9,886,000 listed doses from those companies.

However, their vaccine doses are just not sufficient to vaccinate anyone over the age of 18.

Other vaccines are awaiting approval

If the Curevac and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine were approved, the plan would look different, because the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would be required in only one dose.

Richard Bergstrom is the vaccination coordinator in Sweden and declares that it is subject to approval by Curevac and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and that Astra Zeneca can deliver vaccines as they should.

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– There are no huge margins. If the Janssen and Curevac vaccine is not approved or severely delayed, the vaccine plan will not work. Richard Bergstrom explains to SVT Vetenskap that the likelihood that they agree is high.

Richard Bergstrom points out that it’s important to have the target’s image.

I think this vaccine plan is realistic. It concludes that all vaccine companies must be involved for the plan to be successful.

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